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Ley, Estado y Religión en Bosnia y Herzegovina


Edited By: Nedim Begovic,Emir Kovacevi?
Author: Nedim Begovic,Emir Kovacevi?
Pages: 180
ISBN: ISBN 9780367218874

This book explores relations between state, religion and law in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Historically, multi-religiousness has been a constant feature of the Bosnian polity, from its creation in 12th century until modern times. Since the middle of the 19th Century, Catholics have tended to self-identify as Croats, Orthodox Christians as Serbs, and Muslims as Bosniaks. Moreover, in a region that has undergone significant recent transformation, from the communist to the liberal political system, Bosnia and Herzegovina represents a very interesting case for the study of the relationship between state and religion. This book includes a short overview of historical aspects of these relations and a detailed analysis of the existing constitutional and legal framework on freedom of religion and relations between the state and religious communities. It assesses the actual implementation in practice, including the relevant national courts’ case-law. The work covers both the developments of new legal standards, while also identifying the main obstacles in their implementation.

At a time when the region is again the subject of much interest, this book will be essential reading for those working in the areas of Law and Religion, Constitutional Law and Transitional Justice.