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Religious Freedom and the Law


Author: Brett G. Scharffs, Asher Maoz, Ashley Isaacson Woolley
Publisher: Routledge
Pages: 230
ISBN: 978-1138555785

Description: This volume presents a timely analysis of some of the current controversies relating to freedom for religion and freedom from religion that have dominated headlines worldwide. The collection trains the lens closely on select issues and contexts to provide detailed snapshots of the ways in which freedom for and from religion are conceptualized, protected, neglected, and negotiated in diverse situations and locations. A broad range of issues including migration, education, the public space, prisons and healthcare are discussed drawing examples from Europe, the US, Asia, Africa and South America. Including contributions from leading experts in the field, the book will be essential reading for researchers and policy-makers interested in Law and Religion.
Table of Contents: 

Introduction: Freedom for and Freedom from Religion: Conceptually Inseparable Rights - Brett G. Scharffs, Asher Maoz, and Ashley Isaacson Woolley

Part I: Freedom for and Freedom from Religion

1. Freedom ‘for’ Religion: (Yet) Another View of the Cathedral - Richard W. Garnett

2. The Ministerial Exception: An Inquiry into the Status of Religious Freedom in the United States and Abroad - Thomas Farr

3. The Ministerial Exception: Theological and Legal Perspectives from Finland and Europe - Pamela Slotte

4. Freedom from Religion in International Human Rights Law - Frances Raday

5. Is there a Right to Freedom from Religion? - David Pollock

Part II: Emerging Social Contexts

6. Immigration as an Experience of Fundamental Rights and Religious Freedom - Pierre Noël

7. Healthcare Conscience & Competing Sexual Liberty Claims - Renée Mirkes

8. Preventing Religious Fundamentalism through Higher Education of Faith Leaders - Clemens Steinhilber

9. Religious Freedom and Places of Worship: Religious Buildings in Europe and in the United States - Maria Luisa Lo Giacco

10. The Religious Precinct: The Inequalities of Equality Law in Religious Property - Sarah Hayes

11. Freedom of/for/from Religion in Prison: A Taxonomy of the Strasbourg Jurisprudence - Jeroen Temperman

Part III: Emerging Regional Contexts

12. Islamic Preaching Board Laws of Kano, Borno, and Niger States: A Constitutional and Human Rights Assessment - Ahmed Salisu Garba

13. Freedom of Religious Beliefs or Religious Freedom? The Recent Case Law of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal - Piotr Szymaniec

14. Christonormativity as Religious Neutrality: A Critique of the Concept of State Religious Neutrality in Germany - Armin Langer

15. Freedom of Religion, Conscience, and Persuasion: International Laws and Perspectives from Asia - Li-Ann Thio

16. Religious Equality in the Peruvian Constitution - Oscar Díaz Muñoz