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Revista General de Der. Canónico y Der. Eclesiástico del Estado



Founded in 2003, the RGDCDEE is published on-line three times a year and focusses on law and religion or canon law issues. A comparative and international perspective is present in all sections of the Revista. Analytical papers are normally included in three sections: a monographical section (whose theme varies in each issue), essays and short notes. The Revista also provides a broad review of legislation, case-law and other heterogenous documentation of interest that is not strictly of legal or judicial nature, sometimes accompanied of analytical comments. The contents of RGDCDEE include as well books notices or reviews, news of academic events and news of interest regarding religion in the world. Papers submitted for publication are subject to peer review, and can be published in Spanish, English, French, Italian, German or Portuguese. The RGDCDEE is ranked among the top legal periodicals within the Ministry of Education for the purposes of the academic evaluation of professors in Spain.