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Law and Religion


Author: Richard O`Dair, Andrew Lewis
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Place: Oxford
Pages: 606
ISBN: 9780199246
Category: n\a


Law and Religion, the fourth volume in the Current Legal Issues series, is a comprehensive treatment of an area that will stimulate and enlighten anyone interested in law and religion. The volume contains contributions written from a wide variety of faith perspectives (Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Ba`hai) as well as from a secular perspective. Contributors discuss a series of difficult and important issues from the interaction in contemporary societies of law and religious practice to the coherence of the notion of the soul and of the scope and limits of our concept of religion in a post modern world. In addition, the implications for religious practice of the contemporary ascendancy of human rights are thoroughly and critically considered. A number of the essays argue forcefully for controversial conclusions such as the legitimacy of the claim by some of the Christian Churches in New Zealand to exemption from legislation prohibiting discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation. The European Convention on Human Rights and the jurisprudence of the Court come under particular critical scrutiny for example in relation to their protection of freedom of religion in the work place. Consideration is given to the extent to which State law can, should and does provide a regulatory framework for the life of religious institutions without compromising their collective autonomy for example in relation to matters of doctrine.

Table of contents

The Divine in the Law, C. Carmichael 
Giving unto Caesar: Rationality, Reciprocity, and Legal Recognition of Religion, G. Watt 
Politics and Sociology: New Research Agendas for the Study of Law and religion, A. Bradney
Law as a Religious Enterprise: Legal Interpretation and Scriptural Interpretation S.D. Smith
Historical Observations on the Relationship between Letter and Spirit, B.S. Jackson The First Source of Islamic Law: Muslim Legal Exegesis of the Quaan, R.Gleave
The European Court OF Human Rights AND Religion, J.Martinez
Torron - Human Rights, Religious Liberty, AND the University Debate, R.J.Ahdar 
IS the Jewish Get any Business of the State?, M. Freeman
The Intersecting Worlds of Religious and Secular Marriage, P. Dane
Judicial Approaches to Religious Disputes, M. Hill
Justifications for Religious Autonomy, N. Doe, A. Jeremy
Religious Denomination or Public Religion?: The Legal Status of the Church of England, A. Pearce
Defining the Legal Boundaries of Orthodoxy: For Public and Private Religion in England, D. Harte
Christian Perspectives on the Law: What Makes them Distinctive?, P. Beaumont
Radical Change in the Legal Regulation of Religious Affairs as Exemplified by Post-Communist Poland, P. Mazurkiewicz