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Law and Religion, cases and materials


Publisher: Foundation Press
Publication Place: n\a
Pages: 715
ISBN: 9781599410838
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This new casebook fills the need for an interdisciplinary approach to law and religion. It combines a thorough academic review of religion with broad legal coverage that extends beyond the Supreme Courts First Amendment cases to other federal and state cases about a range of religious topics. In addition to chapters on Free Exercise and Establishment, the books topics include: •Individual Conscience and the State - examining conscientious objection and civil disobedience in the military, medical and legal professions- •Religion and Politics •Teaching About Religion and Science -including materials about religious studies and theology as well as evolution, creation science and intelligent design- •Comparative Religious Freedom -studying the protection of religious freedom in international law as well as the recognition of religious freedom by the world s religious traditions- and •Church Autonomy -legal disputes about torts, property and employment law-. This casebooks distinguishing feature is that it addresses religion as well as law, giving students more resources to learn about the world s religious traditions. Just as law and economics includes economics, and law and literature studies literature, this casebook takes a similar interdisciplinary approach to show how a thorough examination of religion is vital to understanding how courts confront the wide array of issues associated with religion.

Table of contents

CHAPTER I. Free Exercise of ‘‘Religion’’
CHAPTER II. Introduction to Establishment
CHAPTER III. Individual Conscience and the State
CHAPTER IV. Protecting ‘‘Free Exercise’’ of Religion
CHAPTER V. Church Autonomy
CHAPTER VI. An Establishment of Religion
CHAPTER VII. Religion and Politics
CHAPTER VIII. Teaching About Religion and Science
CHAPTER IX. Comparative Religious Freedom
CHAPTER X. The Old and New Law of Religion