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Shari'a Politics. Islamic Law and Society in Modern World


Author: Robert W. Hefner (ed.)
Publisher: Indiana University Press
Publication Place: Bloomington
Pages: 344
ISBN: 9780253223104
Category: n\a


One of the most important developments in Muslim politics in recent years has been the spread of movements calling for the implementation of shari'a or Islamic law. Shari'a Politics maps the ideals and organization of these movements and examines their implications for the future of democracy, citizen rights, and gender relations in the Muslim world. These studies of eight Muslim-majority societies, and state-of-the-field reflections by leading experts, provide the first comparative investigation of movements for and against implementation of shari'a. These essays reveal that the Muslim public's interest in shari'a does not spring from an unchanging devotion to received religious tradition, but from an effort to respond to the central political and ethical questions of the day.

Table of contents

Acknowledgments; Note on Transliteration and Spelling Introduction: Shari'a Politics - Law and Society in the Modern Muslim World / Robert W. Hefner 1. Saudi Arabia: Public, Civil, and Individual Shari'a in Law and Politics / Frank E. Vogel; 2. Egypt: Cacophony and Consensus in the Twenty-first Century / Nathan J. Brown; 3. Iran: Shari'a Politics and the Transformation of Islamic Law / Bahman Baktiari; 4. Turkey: Islam without Shari'a? / M. Hakan Yavuz; 5. Afghanistan: The Local and the Global in the Practice of Shari'a / T. Barfield; 6. Pakistan: Shari'a and the State / Muhammad Qasim Zaman; 7. Nigeria: Mapping a Shari'a Restorationist Movement / Paul M. Lubeck; 8. Indonesia: Shari'a Politics and Democratic Transition / Robert W. Hefner List of Contributors; Index