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Religion, Education and the State


Author: Mark Strasser
Publisher: Ashgate
Publication Place: Farnham
Pages: 214
ISBN: 978-1-4094-3644-7
Category: n\a


In the context of education, Church and State issues are of growing importance and appear to be increasingly divisive. This volume critically examines the developing jurisprudence relating to religion in the schools beginning with Everson v. Board of Education, where the US Supreme Court discussed the wall of separation between Church and State. The study traces both how the Court's views have evolved during this period and how, through recharacterizations of past opinions and the facts underlying them, the Court has appeared to interpret Establishment Clause guarantees in light of the past jurisprudence when in reality that jurisprudence has been turned on its head. The Court not only offers an unstable jurisprudence that is more likely to promote than avoid the problems that the Establishment Clause was designed to prevent, but approaches Establishment Clause issues in a way that decreases the likelihood that an acceptable compromise on these important issues can be reached.

The study focuses on the situation in the US but the important issue of religion, education and the state has great relevance in many jurisdictions.

Table of contents

Introduction; Everson and aid to private schools; Religion in public schools; Public funding of sectarian higher education; Religious groups at public colleges and universities; The Pledge of Allegiance in the schools; The Ten Commandments in the schools; Bibliography; Index.