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Risorgimento e Religione


Author: Carlo Cardia
Publisher: Giappichelli
Publication Place: Torino
Pages: 228
ISBN: 978-88-348-2552-5
Category: n\a


The relation between the Italian Risorgimento and religion was much more complex than shown from past traditional studies. This new book sheds a new light on how the new born Italian State in the 1800's dealt with the rising tensions between its sovereignty and the Roman Catholic Church. Investigates on the merits of the governing political party, the historical Right, which managed to bring forth the creation of Italy and modernized the country introducing the concept of a secular state, religious equality, and freedom of religion, while never breaking its ties to a Catholic background. Analyzes how Catholics actively participated in the creation of the Italian State and promoted a compromise between the two banks of the Tevere, St.Peter on one side and the Italian State on the other, to avoid a possible civil war. It sheds a new light on the  tensions that arose between the State and the Papacy, between 1870 and 1929, on the conflicting needs between a united Italy and a free Papacy, with the necessary freedoms to promote its mission. This new volume shows how Catholic Rome and the young Italian Rome discovered their complementarity, how Italy, from the second half of nineteenth century to 1948, progressively managed to create a positive and constructive relation with the Roman Catholic Church, capable of promoting freedoms and rights, of creating a secular state where all religions would be accepted, a relation still paradigmatic in Europe today.

Table of contents
Introduzione. – I. Introduzione al Risorgimento. – II. Unità d’Italia e Chiesa cattolica. – III. La Questione Romana. – Indice dei nomi.