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The Place of Religion in Family Law: A Comparative Search


Author: Jane Mair, Esin Orucu (eds.)
Publisher: Intersentia
Publication Place: Cambridge
Pages: 386
ISBN: 978-1-78068-015-6
Category: n\a


To what extent does family law accommodate, deny, support or reflect the existence of religion and religious belief in a range of jurisdictions and throughout various family and social situations? This collection of comparative essays brings together reflections on a range of religions, including Islam, Judaism and Roman Catholicism. With insights, both historical and contemporary, from Ireland, Israel, Malta, Sweden, Russia, Turkey and the UK, it seeks to discover the place which religion has or might have within family law.

Table of contents

Introduction to the place of religion in family law : a comparative search / Esin Örücü -- Islamic law in British courts : do we not know or do we not want to know? -- Werner Menski -- The place of religion in family law : the international private law imperative / Elizabeth B. Crawford and Janeen M. Carruthers -- The legal scope for religious identity in family matters : the paradoxes of the Swedish approach / Maarit Jänterä-Jareborg -- Family law and religion : the Russian perspective, past and present / Masha Antokolskaia -- How far can religion be accomodated in the LAIC family law of Turkey? / Esin Örücü -- Religion and family law in Ireland : from a Catholic protection of marriage to a "Catholic" approach to nullity / Maebh Harding -- The influence of the Roman Catholic Church in Maltese family law and policy / Ruth Farrugia -- Jewish family law and secular legal orders : the example of get refusal / Matthijs De Blois -- Prayers in the playground : religion and education in the United Kingdom and beyond / Frankie McCarthy -- Religion in the history of family law in Scotland / John Finlay -- Accomodating religion to the gay equality imperative in family law / Kenneth McK. Norrie -- Religion, family values and family law / Michael Rosie and Fran Wasoff -- The place of religion in family law : a comparative search / Jane Mair.