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The Library of Essays on Law and Religion: 4-Volume Set


Publisher: Ashgate
Publication Place: London
Pages: 2000
ISBN: 978-1-4094-3604-1
Category: n\a


This series brings together the most influential and important articles in the field of law and religion from recent decades. The selection provides an insight into the many nuances and particularities of the field and reflects the wide range of issues and views of this growing discipline.

The themes addressed by this series include minorities, geographical particularities, public and private sphere, secularism, apostasy, blasphemy, education and many others. The subjects are presented with different angles and viewpoints to give the readers different solutions to similar issues and offer new perspectives and material on law and religion. In addition, each of the four volumes in the series is thematically arranged to give the reader a clear idea of the different topics within the discipline and an easier access to the subjects.

This four-volume collection offers a complete overview of the current state-of-play in the field of law and religion and provides scholars, researchers and students with an indispensable resource with which to navigate this growing field of study.
Table of contents
The Library of Essays on Law and Religion: 4-Volume Set

Volume 1

Law and Religion, An Overview

Volume 2

Freedom of Religion and Belief

Volume 3

Religion in the Public Space

Volume 4

Current Issues in Law and Religion