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ISSN: 9780198807568
This book offers a fully revised and updated exposition of the law of the Church of England.

ISSN: 9781474274494
Introducing undergraduate students to Islamic law, this accessible textbook does not presume legal or technical knowledge.

ISSN: 9782868209825
L'affiliation religieuse, le fait d’être membre d’une religion, est une question complexe qui met en jeu à la fois la liberté de conscience.

ISSN: 9788491435389
En esta monografía el autor pretende presentar, contrastar y analizar las novedades, detectar sus carencias o contradicciones con el marco constitucional y, en su caso, ofrecer soluciones.

ISSN: 9780198788775
Mairaj Syed explores how classical Muslim theologians and jurists from four intellectual traditions argue about the thorny issues that coercion raises about responsibility for one's action.

ISSN: 9781137550064
This book considers positions refugees take relative to the state, humanitarian actors and faith-based organisations in the humanitarian field.

ISSN: 9781138855977
This book will be of great relevance to scholars and policy makers with an interest in law and religion, gender studies and human rights law.

ISSN: 978-0-253-02260-8
Bringing together leading scholars of Islamic politics, ethics, and law, this book examines the varied meanings and uses of Islamic law.

ISSN: 9780674971431
Tensions between religious freedom and equality law are newly strained in America.

ISSN: 978-2-7535-4993-7
Comment faire vivre ensemble des individus égaux en droits et différents par leurs convictions?

ISSN: 9781472459152
This volume presents an analysis of controversial events and issues shaping a rapidly changing international legal, political, and social landscape.

ISSN: 9781472457561
This book investigates the role of Islam and religious freedom in the constitutional transitions of six North African and Middle Eastern countries.

ISSN: 9781472456502
This book considers how the law should manage conflicts between the right of religious freedom and that of non-discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation.

The four volumes cover the entire lifespan of the Russian State.

ISSN: 9789004321656
The international “Atheist Bus Campaign” generated controversy, and this volume is the first to systematically and thoroughly explore and analyze each manifestation of that campaign.

ISSN: 9781509906482
The book try to examine how religion figures in the decisions, actions and experiences of those charged with performing public duties.

ISSN: 9781780748801
In the course of this volume, scholars examine such issues as judicial authority, the legal policing of female sexuality, and the status of those who stand outside one's own tradition.

ISSN: 9783319283357
This book explores how State recognition of religious rules affect the degree of legal diversity available to citizens.

ISSN: 9788490453544
This book collects the proceedings of the last conference of the European Consortium for Church and State Research.

ISSN: 9781107124172
This book traces the origins of this provision and proposes an actus reus for advocacy of religious hatred.

ISSN: 978-1849466059
This book aims to examine and critically analyse the role that religion has and should have in the public and legal sphere.

ISSN: 978-0-415-83642-5
This handbook features new, specially commissioned papers by a range of eminent scholars that offer a comprehensive overview of the field of law and religion.

ISSN: 9789041160140
This convenient resource provides systematic information on how Hungary deals with the role religion plays or can play in society.

ISSN: 9789041158963
The book provides systematic information on how Czech Republic deals with the role religion plays or can play in society in a brode perspective.

ISSN: 9789004277434
Islamic Law in Past and Present provides information based on an abundance of Oriental and Western sources regarding Islamic law.

ISSN: 9781620327784
A cross cuttig analisys of the main issues in the relation between religion and public sphere.

ISSN: 9780521734196
This volume will be an essential resource for all students and teachers in Buddhist studies, law and religion, and comparative law.

ISSN: 9781472428745
This is the first book to focus on important aspects of the relationship of smaller faiths to the societies in which they function by using specific legal cases to examine social control efforts.

ISSN: 978-1-4724-2601-7
This book presents legal perspectives on the most important sacred places of the Mediterranean.

ISSN: 9789041154392
This book provides systematic information on how the United Kingdom deals with the role religion plays or can play in society.

ISSN: 9781472433152
This collection discusses how official legal systems do and should respond to the reality of a plurality of family types and origins within their jurisdictions.

ISSN: 9780199606474

Examining the law and public policy relating to religious liberty in the West, this book contains a detailed analysis of religious freedom from an evangelical Christian perspective.

ISSN: 9789403500430
The book provides systematic information on how Spain deals with the role religion plays or can play in society.

ISSN: 9780674072664
The book explores the law and religion issues as referred to far-flung theories about the I Amendment, explaining why conflicts on religious liberty are so emotionally fraught and deeply contested.

ISSN: 978-1-4724-1613-1
The proceedings of the second ICLARS conference held in Santiago (Chile) are now available.

ISSN: 978-1-4094-7065-6
The book provides a useful comparative perspective on how the "burqua affair" has been dealt with across a range of European states.

ISSN: 9789041148582
The book provides systematic information on how Italy deals with the role religion plays or can play in society.

ISSN: 978-1-78068-119-1
A Comparative Analysis of Dutch, English and French Justifications for Limiting the Freedom of Public Officials to Display Religious Symbols.

ISSN: 978-0-415-85031-5

ISSN: 978-84-9014-355-1
After approaching the Italian system of church-state relations, special attention is dedicated to the use of veils in public places.

ISSN: 978-1-4094-5058-0

ISSN: 978-0-231-15646-2

ISSN: 978-88-348-2552-5

ISSN: 978-1-4094-0792-8

ISSN: 978-1-4094-2849-7

ISSN: 978-1-4094-3644-7

ISSN: 978-0-253-35634-5

ISSN: 978-0-415-60264-8

ISSN: 9780199759880

ISSN: 9780199737727

ISSN: 9780199229765

ISSN: 9780199600564

ISSN: 978-0-415-57249-1

ISSN: 9789041134400

ISSN: 9781107003798

ISSN: 9780199733446

ISSN: 978-1-906731-10-6

ISSN: 978-2-271-07112-5

ISSN: 9788498901344
Conflicts between conscience and law in the Western world have invaded all social and political spaces. The book contains an analysis of conscientious objections in comparative and international law.

ISSN: 9780735584822
In Law and Religion: National, International, and Comparative Perspectives, every chapter supports a broad and dynamic discussion of familiar issues by placing them in a global context.

ISSN: 9780230218017
This book examines the unique dynamics between Orthodoxy and politics in Romania.

ISSN: 9780754679554
This volume exposes some of the various issues raised in relation to Muslim communities in Europe by putting the intellectual and legal traditions into dialogue.

ISSN: 9789004172258
No legal system in the world has aroused as much public interest as Sharia. However, the discourse around Sharia law is largely focused on its development and the theories.

ISSN: 9780521517805
Modern, liberal democracies in the West living under the rule of law and protection of human rights cannot articulate the very values from which they derive their legitimacy.

ISSN: 9780415466271
EU enlargement has dramatically transformed the European Union into a multi-religious space.

Author: 61, 31
ISSN: 9780275985493
While some may argue that religion has & continues to influence U.S. foreign policy, others would argue that foreign policy has significantly influenced an American National Religion after 1947.

Author: Ahmet T. Kuru
ISSN: 9780521517805
Why do secular states pursue different policies toward religion?

Author: Vesselin Popovski, Gregory M. Reichberg, Nicholas Turner
ISSN: 9789280811636
Recent armed conflicts—domestic and international—have drawn fresh attention to age-old questions concerning when war can be justified.

Author: Alison Mawhinney
ISSN: 9783639141023
This is the first major study to examine the primary education system in Ireland in terms of international human rights standards and obligations.

Author: Calir
ISSN: 9789871285051
This book is published in the collection of the Consejo Argentino para la Libertad Religiosa (CALIR)

Author: Office of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for Religious Communities
ISSN: 9789619243916
This publication contains the proceedings of the international conference "Legal Aspects of Religious Freedom"

ISSN: 9789583506505
Ecclesiastical Law has not a strong academic tradition in Colombia as an autonomous teaching included in the Law Schools programs.

Author: Veit Bader
ISSN: 9789053569993
Established institutions and policies of dealing with religious diversity in liberal democratic states are increasingly under pressure.

Author: Sara Silvestri
ISSN: 9789051306330
Muslim women continue to be associated in European public opinion with low employment levels, scarce upward social mobility and infrequent success in highly paid professions

Author: Brigitte Basdevant-Gaudemet
ISSN: 9789042920170
In this book the representatives of some religions at the EU Commission describe what their religious communities (Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Orthodox, and Protestant) expect from the European Union

Author: Lars Friedner
ISSN: 9789042918580
This book contains the contributions to the Conference “Churches and Other Religious Organisations as Legal Persons”.

Author: Daniela Milani
ISSN: 9788888446530

Author: Isidoro M. Sanchez, Juan N. Floria
ISSN: 9788473926324
The impact of religion on society and legal systems is constantly growing.

Author: Tahir Mahmood
ISSN: 9788175346598
This book offers a comprehensive account of the laws of India relating to religion and religious freedom

ISSN: 9782891278362
This book is an introduction to the study of canon law.

ISSN: 9781599410838
This new casebook fills the need for an interdisciplinary approach to law and religion.

Author: Sheila Suess Kennedy, Wolfgang Bielefeld
ISSN: 9781589011328
Too often, say its critics, U.S. domestic policy is founded on ideology rather than evidence.

Author: Patrick M. Garry
ISSN: 9780813215150
The relationship between church and state is both controversial and unsettled.

Author: John Witte, Jr. and Frank S. Alexander (eds.)
ISSN: 9780521697491
What impact has Christianity had on the law from its beginnings to the present day?

Author: Richard O`Dair, Andrew Lewis
ISSN: 9780199246
Law and Religion, the fourth volume in the Current Legal Issues series, is a comprehensive treatment of an area that will stimulate and enlighten anyone interested in law and religion.

Author: Forrest Church
ISSN: 9780151011858
Todays dispute over the line between church and state (or the lack thereof) is neither the first nor the fiercest in our history.

Author: Salinas Araneda, Carlos
ISSN: 9561703548
Church and State relations are not frequently taught in the Faculty of law of the Chilean Universities.

Author: Precht Pizarro, Jorge
ISSN: 9561408562
The author, a leading scholar of Church and State relations in Chile, examines some issues connected to religious freedom.

Author: Calir
ISSN: 9509431931
Although many consider religious liberty as the source of all fundamental rights

Author: OSCE – ODIHR
ISSN: 8360190488
The Toledo Guiding Principles

Author: Gerhard Robbers
ISSN: 3832913114
In its Constitution for Europe the European Union promises to guarantee religious freedom and non-discrimination, to respect religious diversity and to maintain a dialogue

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