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Editorial Committee:
ISSN: 00377686
Social Compass is a fully peer reviewed international journal that publishes original research and review articles on the sociology of religion.

Editorial Committee:
ISSN: 0022-4189
The Journal of Religion promotes critical, hermeneutical, historical, and constructive inquiry into religion.

Editorial Committee:
ISSN: 2445-2394
VERGENTIS es la revista de carácter científico de la Cátedra de Investigación Conjunta Inocencio III.

Editorial Committee:
ISSN: 24938637
La Revue du droit des religions a pour ambition d'offrir une meilleure compréhension des enjeux relatifs à l'encadrement juridique du phénomène religieux.

Editorial Committee:
ISSN: 1740-7125
Comparative Islamic Studies aims to advance reaserach on Islam through comparisons between Islam and other religions, and between religious and non-religious factors and disciplines.

Editorial Committee:
Islamic Studies is an internationally peer reviewed research journal in Islamics, published by Islamic Research Institute, Islamabad, Pakistan, since 1962.

Editorial Committee:
ISSN: 0039-310X
Studia canonica is a scholarly journal on canon law published twice a year by the Faculty of Canon Law of Saint Paul University in Ottawa, Canada.

Editorial Committee:
ISSN: 0748-0814
The Journal of Law and Religion publishes cutting-edge research on different topics related to law and religion.

Editorial Committee:
ISSN: 0955-2340
The Journal of Islamic Studies is a multi-disciplinary publication dedicated to the scholarly study of all aspects of Islam and of the Islamic world.

Editorial Committee:

The Jewish Law Annual provides English-speaking readers with scholarly articles presenting jurisprudential, historical, textual, and comparative analysis of issues in Jewish law.

Editorial Committee:
ISSN: 2211-792X
The Journal of Muslims in Europe devoted to publishing articles dealing with contemporary issues on Islam and Muslims in Europe from all disciplines.

Editorial Committee:
ISSN: 0039-310X
Studia canonica is a scholarly journal on canon law published twice a year by the Faculty of Canon Law of Saint Paul University in Ottawa, Canada.

Editorial Committee:
ISSN: 2070-5484

Editorial Committee:
ISSN: 2047-0770

Editorial Committee:
ISSN: 9788888446617

Editorial Committee:
ISSN: 0556-7378

Editorial Committee:
ISSN: ISSN 1874-8910 (print); 1874-8929 (online)
Founded in 2007, the Journal of Religion in Europe (JRE) provides a forum for multi-disciplinary research into the complex dynamics of religious discourses and practices in Europe.

Editorial Committee:
ISSN: 1474-225x (print); 1747-0234 (online)
The International Journal for the Study of the Christian Church (IJSCC) was founded in 2001.

Editorial Committee:
ISSN: 1438955X
The Journal for the Study of Beliefs and Worldviews was founded in 2000.The volumes usually deal with one specific question out of the topics covered in general.

Editorial Committee: K. Chan, A. Donnithorne, S. Akiner, E. Bacon, G. Codevilla, G. Davie, Z. Knox, N. Lossky, V. Makrides, J. Luxmoore, S. Ramet, M. Shterin, G. Stricker, J. Sutton, A. Yurash, E. van der Zweerde, A. Agadjanian, C. Durham, Z. Irwin, P. Kuzmic, C. Marsh, D. Rogers, W. Sawatsky
ISSN: 09637494
Focuses on communist and formerly communist countries throughout the world, and the legacy of the encounter between religion and communism.

Editorial Committee: Prof. Dr. Herbert Kalb, Univ. Linz - Prof. Dr. Richard Potz, Dr. Brigitte Schinkele, Univ. Wien - Prof. Dr. Karl Schwarz, Kultusamt im BMBWK (protestantische Kirchen), Dr. Stefan Schima MAS, Dr. Wolfgang Wieshaider
ISSN: 15608670
The Österreichisches Archiv für Recht & Religion contains articles and court decisions about current problems of ecclesiastical law in today's society.

Editorial Committee: R. Astorri, S. Berlingò, R. Botta, G. Casuscelli, S. Ferrari, C. Mirabelli, G.B. Varnier
ISSN: 9788815117571
Founded in 1984, the “Quaderni” are the most comprehensive Italian journal dealing with law and religion issues.

Editorial Committee: Frédéric Amez, Patrick De Pooter, Thibault Denotte, Jan Hendriks, Adriaan Overbeeke, Yves Stox
ISSN: 9782804431310
Published two times a year, Law, Religion and Society publishes articles on all aspects of ecclesiastical law and the law of Church and State.

Editorial Committee: Marc Pena, Jean-Paul Durand, Silvio Ferrari, Patrick Ga√Įa, Alain Garay, Laurent Mayali, Emmanuel Putman, Patrice Rolland.
ISSN: 9782731405
Founded in 2005

Editorial Committee: Winfried Aymans, Karl-Theodor Geringer, Stephan Haering
ISSN: 978-3-506x
The Archiv für katholisches Kirchenrecht is published two times a year.

Editorial Committee: Iván C. Ibán, Agustín Motilla, Charalambos Papastathis, Marco Ventura, Gerhard Robbers
ISSN: 18873243
Published annually since 2006, each edition of “Law and Religion” analyzes an issue related to outward expressions of religion from a strictly legal perspective.

Editorial Committee: Gudmundur Alfredsson , Kevin Boyle, Malcolm Evans, Michael Ipgrave, Javaid Rehman, Alan Stephens, Alexandra Xanthaki.
ISSN: 1871031X

Editorial Committee: E. Bajet, J. Escrivá, J. Ferrer Ortiz, J. Fornés, M. López Alarcón, R. Palomino, M. Roca, J.A. Souto, D. Tirapu, P.J. Viladrich
ISSN: 1696-9669
Founded in 2003, the RGDCDEE is published on-line three times a year and focusses on law and religion or canon law issues

Editorial Committee: A. An-NaIm, Ch. Bassiouni, J. Esposito, A Sachedina, T. Anghie, P. Brodeur, A. Bunting, P. Danchin, J. Donnelly, F. Gerges, M. Gopin, W. Hallaq, M. Khan, Ch. Kurzman, B. Lawrence, H. el Menyawi, Q. Mirza, N. Modirzadeh, B. Rajagopal, T. Sonn, M. Sunder
ISSN: 15544419

Editorial Committee:
ISSN: 13705954
The relationship between state and church is in constant flux. It takes place in intense structural changes and the steady influence of judicial decisions.

Editorial Committee:
ISSN: 11206462
The aim of Ius Ecclesiae, the canon law review of the Pontifical Roman Atheneum of the Holy Cross, is to contribute to scientific reflection on the juridical experience of the Catholic Church.

Editorial Committee: Sir J. Baker, QC N. Doe, R. Helmholz, Sir J. Laws, I. Leigh, J. Martinez- Torrón, D. McClean QC, R. Ombres OP, J. Rivers, G. Robbers, S. Slack, M. Ventura, J. Witte Jr., D. Harte (Rev. Ed.), J. Gau, R. Arlow (Case Notes Ed.), F. Cranmer (Parl.&Synod Ed.)
ISSN: 0956-618X
Published three times a year, the Ecclesiastical Law Journal publishes articles on all aspects of ecclesiastical law and the law of Church and State.

Editorial Committee: Guido Amend, Bernd Th. Dr√∂√üler, Hans-G√ľnther Frey, Burkhard K√§mper, M. Linzbach, E.D. Menges, Arno Schilberg, J√∂rg Winter
ISSN: 09478094
The supra-denominational and ecumenical orientated journal Kirche und Recht aims at all institutions and authorities, which apply ecclesiastical and state law.

Editorial Committee: Baber Johansen, Aharon Layish, David S. Powers, Susan Spectorsky
ISSN: 09289380
Founded in 1994, Islamic Law and Society provides a forum for research in the field of classical and modern Islamic law, in Muslim and non-Muslim countries.

Editorial Committee: A-C. √?lvarez Cortina, J. Ferrer Ortiz, J. Mantec√≥n Sancho, R. M. Mart√≠nez de Codes, R. Navarro-Valls, D. Pe√Īa Jord√°n, J. A. Souto, M. J. Villa Robledo
ISSN: 02138123
Founded in 1985, the “Anuario” is the most comprehensive Spanish journal dealing with law and religion issues.

Editorial Committee: Axel Frhr von Campenhausen, Joachim E. Christoph, Michael Germann, Karl-Hermann K√§stner, Christoph Link, Hans Martin M√ľller, Arno Schilberg
ISSN: 0044-2690
The Zeitschrift für evangelisches Kirchenrecht covers all problems and aspects of Protestant church law und state law relating to religion, mainly in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Editorial Committee: Wallace L. Daniel, James A. Curry, Barry G. Hankins, Patricia Cornett, Charles McDaniel
ISSN: 0021969X
The Journal of Church and State, published four times a year, is concerned with what has been called the "greatest subject in the history of the West".

Editorial Committee: Peter Badura, R√ľdiger Breuer, Horst Ehmke, Jochen Abr. Frowein
ISSN: 00038911

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