Université Libre de Bruxelle
The CIERL, Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Religions and Secularity, aims to bring together and coordinate all researchers, at the Free University of Brussels, interested in science of religion and free thinking in a multidisciplinary perspective. It is both a research center and headquarters of specialized libraries that retain documentation relating to his field of study. It aims at promoting the scientific study of religion in its different dimensions –ideological, political, social- and in its relations with free thinkingIt continues the traditional activities of the IERL, organizes seminars, symposia, and publishes a journal.
University of Trier
The Institute of European Constitutional Law performs research studies of comparative constitutional law at the European and international level as well as research studies of law and religion. The homepage of our Institute offers working materials on those topics, which are available online.
Consorcio Latinoamericano de Libertad Religiosa
La finalidad general del Consorcio es constituir un foro permanente de reflexión, investigación y promoción del derecho a la libertad religiosa, de la regulación jurídica del fenómeno religioso y de las relaciones jurídicas que han de existir entre las confesiones religiosas y los Estados.!/-inicio/
ACLARS African Consortium for Law and Religion Studies
As a major event of the Second Conference on Law and Religion in Africa, held at Stellenbosch University in May 2014, the African Consortium for Law and Religion Studies (ACLARS) was officially launched, with Prof dr Pieter Coertzen as President. The folllowing ACLARS members have been named to governing committees: ?The ACLARS Steering Committee: Pieter Coertzen, Cole Durham, Rosalind Hackett, Mark Hill. Nico Horn, Nokuzola Mndende, Is-haq Oloyede, Mary Anne Plaatjies van Huffel, Kofi Quashigah, Jean-Baptiste Souru, W. Silunque, Johan van der Vyver, and Francois Venter. The ACLARS Publications Committee: M. Christian Green, Len Hansen, and Francois Venter. The ACLARS Membership Committee: David Jallah and Is-haq Oloyede.

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