Launched in January 2002, Religioscope is a independent website about religions in todays world. It offers news and analyses. Religioscope pays attention to current developments and trends, but would also like to put them into historical perspective when needed. It would like to offer to its readers some keys for a better understanding of the role and place of different religions.
Religious Freedom & Business Foundation
The Foundation is a non-partisan charitable organization working with business people, academics, government officials and community leaders from multiple faiths (or of none) to accomplish its mission. The Foundation is a registered corporation and is applying for IRS recognition as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization in the USA. Businesses are uniquely situated to solve problems caused by religious restrictions and hostilities because they are at the crossroads of culture, commerce and creativity. Indeed, they have a vested interest because religious freedom is good for business. Research shows that religious freedom not only benefits the bottom line, but also improves the lives of women, consolidates democracy, and increases peace and stability. The Problem A rising tide of religious restrictions and hostilities has swept the globe in the past decade, despite efforts by governments, religious groups and non-governmental organizations to roll them back. The Solution Business support for religious freedom will result in more peaceful, trustworthy and stable economies. Where there is stability, there is more opportunity to invest, especially in emerging/new markets. It also fosters more trust within a company and enlarges public trust toward a company, enhancing its brand image and benefiting the bottom line.
Research Unit for the Study of Society, Law and Religion (RUSSLR)
The Research Unit for the Study of Society, Law and Religion (RUSSLR) is the first centre or institute in Australia to study the relationship between society, law and religion, placing it at the leading edge in Australia of what is already a major research area worldwide. RUSSLRs principal objective is to create a space for dialogue on significant issues involving the relationship between society, law and religion; we seek to foster an environment where divergent views can be expressed with good will and respect.
Special Rapporteur of the Commission on Human Rights on freedom of religion or belief
The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty
The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty is a Washington, D.C. nonprofit, nonpartisan, and interfaith organization. Protecting the free expression of all religious traditions, operates in three areas: litigation, (representing people of different faiths in and out the United States), the court of public opinion (media,coverage in all its forms), and in the academy (scholarship), at home and abroad (international) engaging the academic community through the scholarly work of its attorneys in the United States, and through its sponsorship of the Becket Institute in Rome which supports scholarship on the legal, anthropological, philosophical, and political dimensions of religious liberty.

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