Institute for Law and Religion
The Institute for Law and Religion brings together noted experts in the field of law and religion and outstanding scholars of diverse religious and secular perspectives to address issues of great constitutional importance and public interest.
International Center for Law and Religion Studies
The International Center for Law and Religion Studies at BYU works with scholars, government leaders, nongovernmental groups, and religious organizations from a variety of countries and faith traditions, to promote religious liberty and study the relations between governments and religious organizations.
International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS) Malaysia
IAIS is an independent Islamic think-tank, seeking to promote civilisational renewal. The institute carries out research on pressing issues facing Muslims and non-Muslims and makes policy recommendations to the Government of Malaysia. IAIS publishes its own journal, Islam and Civilisational Renewal, as well as monographs and occasional papers. IAIS holds regular public forums on a variety of issues, and regularly participates in inter-civilisational dialogues.
IRLA - International Religious Liberty Association
The International Religious Liberty Association disseminates the principles of religious liberty throughout the world; defends and safeguards the civil rights of all people to worship or not to worship, to adopt a religion or belief of their choice, to manifest their religious convictions in observance, promulgation, and teaching, subject only to the respect for the equivalent rights of others; supports the right of religious organizations to operate freely in every country by their establishing and owning charitable or educational institutions; and organizes local, regional, and national chapters as well as seminars, and congresses.
Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies
Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies The University of Notre Dames Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies is one of the worlds leading centers for the study of the causes of violent conflict and strategies for sustainable peace. Kroc Institute faculty and fellows conduct interdisciplinary research on a wide range of topics related to peace and justice. In particular, the study of religion in conflict and peacebuilding has been a major focus of Kroc Institute research since 2000, when Kroc Institute director Scott Appleby invited the first of 16 scholars of religion and peacebuilding to become visiting fellows at the Kroc Institute. Many of these year-long fellowships, which resulted in a substantial body of work, were funded by grants from the Rockefeller Foundation. Today, about a third of the Kroc Institute’s core faculty members focus most of their research and writing on religion, conflict, and peacebuilding. The work has evolved into 3 distinct strands: Contending Modernities, which examines the interaction of religion and secular actors in the modern world; Religion & Reconciliation, which explores the concept of reconciliation as a means to help people and societies emerge from civil war, genocide, and dictatorship; and Theology & Practice of Just Peace, a complement to the theology and ethics of just war.

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