Church Law Society - Prague
The Church Law Society is a society, which was founded in the Academic Year 1994/1995 by students and teachers of the Faculty of Law of the Charles University in Prague. Its aim is to support the study and work in Church Law, State Ecclesiastical Law and in other subjects in connection with Church Law. The Society is a place of intergration of students and teachers and also general public, who are interested in these subjects. The Society is founded on friendly relations with churches and religious societies, its members are members of various religious beliefs. The Society is also open to the people without any religious belief. As of 1 February 2016, the Society has 457 members from various parts of the Czech Republic and also from abroad. The Church Law Society issues the Church Law Review, three issues yearly and arranges lectures on Church and State Ecclesiastical Law (cycle Affects of Law in Church and Society) with participation of leading persons of science of Church Law and State Ecclesiastical Law from Czech Republic and from abroad. The ChLS arranges at the Faculty of Law of the Charles University international conferences about State Ecclesiastical Law. Local chapter of the ChLS in Brno arranges at the Faculty of Law of the Masaryk University in Brno national conferences The State and the Church.
CLR Forum
CLR Forum is the online resource of the Center for Law and Religion (CLR) at St. John’s University School of Law. It provides a comprehensive compilation of new law and religion scholarship – the latest American law review scholarship as well as foreign and comparative pieces and new books in law and religion. It also provides helpful commentary by CLR faculty and student fellows on law and religion issues in the news and around the web and a useful list of links to law and religion research centers, blogs, and news sites. Established in 2010, CLR engages in the study of law and religion from domestic, international and comparative perspectives. It hosts academic programs in the United States and abroad in order to advance the following goals: * Examine the role of law in the relationship between religion and the state * Explore the concept of law in different religious traditions * Promote St. John’s Vincentian mission by encouraging an open dialogue on law and religion in the local, national and international communities
Consejo Argentino para la Libertad Religiosa
The Argentine Council for Religious Freedom (CALIR) is a non-governmental organization founded in 2002, with the objective to promote and guarantee the right to freedom of religion and conscience more effectively. Members of CALIR include jurists, researchers, and other persons of renown for their contributions to this fundamental right. Members belong to distinct religious confessions and traditions; however, they do not represent those confessions institutionally.
Consorcio Latinoamericano de Libertad Religiosa
The Consorcio Latinoamericano de Libertad Religiosa was founded in Lima (Peru) in 2000. It aims to be a “permanent reflecting and counselling forum to Latinamerican actors on the religious issue” and it is specially focused on “continental unity in the juridical criteria concerning the right of religious freedom and the relations between Church and State” (Acta de Constitución, Lima 22 de septiembre de 2000). Its members are scholars of different Latin American countries, such as law professors from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay; some scholars from USA and Europe also belongs to it as extraordinary members. The main association activity is the annual meeting; the last Colloquium (2007) was held in Bogotá, and the previous ones took place in Río de Janeiro (2006), México D.F. (2005), Santiago (2004), Buenos Aires (2003), Valparaíso (2002), Lima (Peru, 2000). The Mexican, Chilean and Peruvian proceedings have been fully published, the proceedings of the Buenos Aires meeting were partially published. A book on religious freedom in Latin America is forthcoming. In the Consorcio website there are some articles in PDF format, and a data bank on law and religion.

Debating Law & Religion Series
“Debating Law & Religion” is a monthly series aimed at creating a formal forum for invited speakers to discuss topical issues concerning law, its interaction with religion, and the role of religion in contemporary legal and socio-political systems. We do not shy away from contentious issues, and while our conversations are always respectful, we seek to encourage debate between speakers who genuinely disagree as to how we should answer the important questions of our day. Since the series began in 2011, we have conducted lunchtime discussions on such topics as the Islamic community center at Ground Zero in New York City, the legal bans on headscarves and burqas in France, the role of religion in public reason, the place of religion in ancient Roman and Hindu civilizations, and protections for hate speech directed at religious groups. We hope you will join us for our next debate!

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