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On February 18, Douglas Laycock, Robert E. Scott Distinguished Professor of Law and Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Virginia, will deliver the lecture, “The Broader Implications of Masterpiece Cakeshop.”
On March 25, Stanley Fish, Davidson-Kahn Distinguished University Professor of Humanities and Law at Florida International University, will deliver the lecture, “Liberalism, Pluralism and the Religion Clause: A Total Mess.”
On March 26, Jonathan L. Walton, Plummer Professor of Christian Morals and Pusey Minister in the Memorial Church and Professor of Religion and Society at Harvard University will deliver the lecture, “Freedom for What? The Underside of Religious Protections in the Black Freedom Struggle.”
On March 27, Mona Siddiqui, Professor of Islamic and Interreligious Studies at University of Edinburgh, will deliver the lecture “Doing God in Europe: The Limits of Law and Pluralism.”


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