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Anuario de Derecho Eclesiástico del Estado

Editorial Committee: A-C. Ávarez Cortina, J. Mantecón Sancho, R. M. Martínez de Codes, R. Navarro-Valls, D. Peña Jordán, J. A. Souto, M. J. Villa Robledo
Issn: 02138123
Director: Alberto de la Hera
Publisher: Inst. Estudio de la Lib. Relig. and Editorial Alfonsipolis (P.O. Box 292, E-16080 Cuenca, Spain)
Publication Place: Cuenca (Spain)


Founded in 1985, the “Anuario” is the most comprehensive Spanish journal dealing with law and religion issues. The journal is published once a year and each number contains articles devoted to different profiles of law and religion topics in Spain and in other countries, Spanish legislation and case law and other documents regarding church and state relations and, finally, a large number of reviews of books in these matters.