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Issn: 13705954
Director: Rik Torfs
Publisher: Peeters Leuven (Bondgenotenlaan 153, B-3000 Leuven / Belgium)
Publication Place: Leuven


The relationship between state and church is in constant flux. It takes place in intense structural changes and the steady influence of judicial decisions. The European Journal for Church and State Research - Revue européenne des relations Églises - État observes this development in its reports about state and church in almost all countries of the European Union. Furthermore reports are regularly also contributed from non-European states about their church-state-relationship. The reports sketch the substantial events, legislation, jurisdiction and literature in the respective countries. The form of the contributions depends particularly on the practical meaning of the developments in the relation between the state and the church. The individual author is responsible for the structure of his report. The contributions are in English or French.


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