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Editorial Committee: A. An-NaIm, Ch. Bassiouni, J. Esposito, A. Sachedina, T. Anghie, P. Brodeur, A. Bunting, P. Danchin, J. Donnelly, F. Gerges, M. Gopin, W. Hallaq, M. Khan, Ch. Kurzman, B. Lawrence, , Q. Mirza, N. Modirzadeh, B. Rajagopal, T. Sonn, M. Sunder
Issn: 15544419
Director: Mashood Baderin, Mahmood Monshipouri. Managing Editor: Shady Mokhtari Lynn Welchman.
Publisher: The Berkeley Electronic Press
Publication Place: Berkeley


The Muslim World Journal of Human Rights, which was founded in 2004 and is issued once year, is the only peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the pressing question of human rights in the Muslim world. The journal approaches this complex issue through multiple interdisciplinary lenses: Islam and Islamic law, socio-economic and political factors, institutions, and gender and minority rights. The editors, Mashood Baderin (School of Oriental and African Studies), Mahmood Monshipouri (Quinnipiac University), Shadi Mokhtari (York University), and Lynn Welchman (School of Oriental and African Studies) have created a academic forum to address real-world political issues and to encourage new methods in the field.


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