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Editorial Committee: Malcolm Evans, Roja Fazaeli, Nazila Ghanea, Sylvie Langlaude, Hana van Ooijen
Issn: 1871031X
Director: Jeroen Temperman
Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers - BRILL (Plantijnstraat 2, JC Leiden 2321, The Netherlands)
Publication Place: Leiden, Netherlands


Journal of Religion & Human Rights covers the interactions, conflicts and reconciliations between religions or beliefs on the one hand, and systems for the promotion and protection of human rights, international, regional and national, on the other. The Journal draws its materials from all relevant disciplines - theology, anthropology, history, international relations, human rights, religious studies, and many others - but with special emphasis on legal frameworks. The Journal of Religion & Human Rights is a peer-reviewed, academic journal, which is published once a year.


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