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Editorial Committee: Agustín Motilla, Charalambos Papastathis, Gerhard Robbers, Isabel Aldanondo, Iván C. Ibán, Juan G. Navarro, Marco Ventura
Issn: 18873243
Director: Isidoro Martín Sánchez
Publisher: Delta Publicaciones
Publication Place: Madrid (Spain)


Published annually since 2006, each edition of “Law and Religion” analyzes an issue related to outward expressions of religion from a strictly legal perspective. Each volume has a different editor, who is selected by the director, with the approval of the Editorial Board. The director and the volume’s editor select the main topic of analysis for each volume, which exclusively consists of doctrinal subjects, with the editor responsible for selecting the authors who will be in charge of developing the content. The 2006 volume has been entrusted to Agustín Motilla (Carlos III University of Madrid) and deals with Islam in Europe. The 2007 volume examines issues of bioethics, with Marco Ventura (Siena University) as the editor. Charalambos Papastathis (Aristotle University of Thessaloníki) will be the editor of the 2008 volume, which will analyze Christianity in Europe. The 2009 volume has been entrusted to Gerhard Robbers and will deal with Religion in the EU Law.


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Recent years have witnessed a resurgence of religion in public life and a concomitant array of legal responses.

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El derecho de libertad religiosa en el entorno digital

En el presente volumen se recogen los textos aportados por los ponentes y los comunicantes del IX Simposio Internacional de Derecho Concordatario que se desarrolló entre los días 5 y 7 de junio en el Auditorio de la delegación en Madrid de la Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR).