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Recht, Religie en Samenleving, Law, Religion and Society, Droit, Religion et Société

Editorial Committee: Frédéric Amez, Patrick De Pooter, Thibault Denotte, Jan Hendriks, Adriaan Overbeeke, Yves Stox
Issn: 9782804431310
Director: Frank Judo and Kurt Martens
Publisher: Larcier Brussels
Publication Place: Brussels


Published two times a year, Law, Religion and Society publishes articles on all aspects of ecclesiastical law and the law of Church and State. Particular emphasis is given to the regulation of the Roman Catholic Church and the other recognized religions in Belgium. New problems in both the law of the various religious denominations and the relations between Church and State are also dealt with in the journal. An overview of jurisprudence of Roman Catholic courts is offered (especially jurisprudence of the Roman Rota). Likewise, an overview of the jurisprudence of the European Court for Human Rights in the field of religious liberty is presented each year. Book reviews are published as well. The publication is mainly in Dutch, but in each issue an article in French or English is published.