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Editorial Committee: Prof. Dr. Herbert Kalb, Univ. Linz - Prof. Dr. Richard Potz, Dr. Brigitte Schinkele, Univ. Wien - Prof. Dr. Karl Schwarz, Kultusamt im BMBWK (protestantische Kirchen), Dr. Stefan Schima MAS, Dr. Wolfgang Wieshaider
Issn: 15608670
Director: Herbert Kalb, Richard Potz, Brigitte Schinkele
Publisher: Plöchl Verlag
Publication Place: Freistadt


The Österreichisches Archiv für Recht & Religion, which was founded in 1999, contains articles and court decisions about current problems of ecclesiastical law in today's society. Amongst others it covers the law of association, of assembly and also data privacy law. Besides, it reports on case law of the highest courts dealing for example with the criteria for the qualification of a religious community as a legal person under public law. The journal is published three times a year in German.


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