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Editorial Committee: K. Chan, A. Donnithorne, S. Akiner, E. Bacon, G. Codevilla, G. Davie, Z. Knox, N. Lossky, V. Makrides, J. Luxmoore, S. Ramet, , G. Stricker, J. Sutton, , E. van der Zweerde, A. Agadjanian, C. Durham, Z. Irwin, P. Kuzmic, C. Marsh, D. Rogers, W. Sawatsky
Issn: 09637494
Director: Philipp Walters
Publisher: Routledge. Taylor & Francis Group
Publication Place: London


Religion, State & Society, founded in 1974, focuses on communist and formerly communist countries throughout the world, and the legacy of the encounter between religion and communism. To augment this brief the journal has expanded its coverage to include religious developments in countries which have not experienced communist rule, and to treat wider themes in a more systematic way. Religion, State & Society encourages a comparative approach where appropriate, with the aim of revealing similarities and differences in the historical and current experience of countries, regions and religions, in stability or in transition. The journal, which publishes original articles, commissioned reviews and book reviews, retains a interdisciplinary approach broadly based in the humanities, and covers issues in communist and postcommunist countries, including Central Asia and China.


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