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Editorial Committee: P. Barbero, P. Di Lucia, M. El Ayoubi, A. Fabris, P. Gardaz, M. Krienke, C. Luterbacher, E. Malnati, V. Pacillo, R. Pahud de Mortanges, V. D. Segre.
Issn: 9788888446617
Director: Libero Gerosa, Silvio Ferrari, Ludger Mueller
Publisher: Eupress
Publication Place: Lugano


Founded in 2010, Veritas et Jus is the newest operating Swiss review on canon law, ecclesiastical law and relationships between Churches and States. The journal covers religious laws in general, too. The relationship of state and church is examined, amongst others, from an historical, legal, theological point of view. The articles and book reviews are in Italian, with a summary in English, German, French; the journal is published twice a year.


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Recent years have witnessed a resurgence of religion in public life and a concomitant array of legal responses.

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Religious Freedom and the Law

Emerging contexts for freedom and from religion 1st. Edition