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R.A.Rosengarten, J.T.Robinson, A.Doostdar, C.J.Evans, S.Hammerschlag

Issn: 0022-4189
Director: R.A. Rosengarten, J.T. Robinson
Publisher: The University of Chicago Press
Publication Place: Chicago

The Journal of Religion promotes critical, hermeneutical, historical, and constructive inquiry into religion. The journal publishes articles in theology, religious ethics, and philosophy of religion, as well as articles that approach the role of religion in culture and society from a historical, sociological, psychological, linguistic, or artistic standpoint. It also publishes highly specialized research in limited areas of inquiry that has significance for a wider readership.
First published in 1882 as The Hebrew Student, in 1883 the title was changed to The Old Testament Student. In 1889, the title was changed to The Old and New Testament Student, and in 1893, the title changed to The Biblical World. In 1897, the title changed to The American Journal of Theology. In 1921 title became The Journal of Religion.


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En el presente volumen se recogen los textos aportados por los ponentes y los comunicantes del IX Simposio Internacional de Derecho Concordatario que se desarrolló entre los días 5 y 7 de junio en el Auditorio de la delegación en Madrid de la Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR).