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Author: Gerhard Robbers
Isbn: 3832913114
Pages: 589
Publisher: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft
Publication Place: Baden-Baden
Published/Year: 2005
Category: n\a


In its Constitution for Europe the European Union promises to guarantee religious freedom and non-discrimination, to respect religious diversity and to maintain a dialogue with churches, religious communities and non-confessional organisations. At the same time the Union will respect the status of these churches and organisations under Member States law. The European Union has become aware of the importance of religion. The Union draws inspiration from the religious inheritance of Europe. With the accession of several new Member States to the European Union, the Union is enriched by new experiences and different needs concerning religion. This is reflected in the progressive development of the civil ecclesiastical law of Member States. The second edition of this book responds to these developments. It gives an account of the civil ecclesiastical law in all the Member States and in the European Union itself. The contributions follow a similar structure in order to facilitate the comparison between the various systems. The volume has been produced within the context of the European Consortium for State-Church-Research and has also been published in German [2. edition 2005], French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Hungarian, Greek [2. edition 2007] and Polish.

Table of contents

R.Torfs, State and Church in Belgium, Pages 9-33 
J.Rajmund Tretera, State and Church in the Czech Republic, Pages 35-54 
I. Dübeck, State and Church in Denmark, Pages 55-76 
G.Robbers, State and Church in Germany, Pages 77-94 
M.Kiviorg, State and Church in Estonia, Pages 95-114 
C.Papastathis, State and Church in Greece, Pages 115 -138 
I.Ibán, State and Church in Spain, Pages 139-155 
B.Basdevant-Gaudemet, State and Church in France, Pages 157-186 
J.Casey, State and Church in Ireland, Pages 187-208 
S.Ferrari, State and Church in Italy, Pages 209-230 
A.Emilianides, State and Church in Cyprus, Pages 231- 252 
R.Balodis, State and Church in Latvia, Pages 253-281 
J.Kuznecoviene, State and Church in Lithuania, Pages 283 -303 
A.Pauly, State and Church in Luxembourg, Pages 305-322 
B.Schanda, State and Church in Hungary, Pages 323-345 
U.Bonnici, State and Church in Malta, Pages 349-365 
S.van Bijsterveld, State and Church in the Netherlands, Pages 367-390 
R.Potz, State and Church in Austria, Pages 391-418 
M.Rynkowski, State and Church in Poland, Pages 419-438 
V.Canas, State and Church in Portugal, Pages 439-467 
L.Šturm, State and Church in Slovenia, Pages 469-490 
M. Moravíková, State and Church in the Slovak Rep, Pages 491-518 
M.Heikkilä, J.Knuutila,State and Church in Finland, Pages 519-536 
L.Friedner, State and Church in Sweden, Pages 537-551 
D.McClean, State and Church in the UK Pages 553-575 
G.Robbers, State and Church in the EU, Pages 577-58


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