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Author: T. Zaman
Isbn: 9781137550064
Pages: 225
Publisher: Palgrave McMillan US
Publication Place: New York
Published/Year: 2016
Category: n\a


This book considers positions refugees take relative to the state, humanitarian actors and faith-based organisations in the humanitarian field. Attention is drawn to refugee agency as they negotiate circumstances of considerable constraint demonstrating relational dimensions of religious practice and experience.

Table of contents

Introduction Refuge in Religion and Migration
The Noble Sanctuary: Islamic Traditions of Refuge and Sanctuary
Sowing the Seeds of Displacement: Religion and Society in Ba’thist Iraq (1980–2003)
The Un-mixing of Neighborhoods: Iraq on the Eve of Displacement
Jockeying for Positions in the Humanitarian Field: Faith-Based Humanitarianism in Syria
Home Sacred Home
Epilogue Syrian Sanctuary? Finding Continuities between the Iraqi and Syrian Displacement Crises


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