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Second ICLARS conference - Religion and Constitution Santiago (Chile) September 8-10, 2011

Second ICLARS conference - Religion and Constitution Santiago (Chile) September 8-10, 2011


Thursday, September  8, 2011
Religion and constitution (session reserved to young researchers)
Chair: Sebastian Zarate, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago

Zachary R. Calo, Valparaiso University; Santiago Cañamares, Universidad Complutense, Madrid; Pauline Capdelvielle, University Paul Cézanne Aix-Marseille III; Agnes Christian Chaves Faria, Pontifical Catholic University, Rio de Janeiro; Helena van Coller, Rodhes University, Grahamstown; Nassima Ferchiche, Université Paul Cezanne Aix-Marseille III; Carlos R. Santos, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Lima; Emma Svensson, University of Uppsala

Opening of the conference. Welcome
Chair: Silvio Ferrari, University of Milan, President of ICLARS

Keynote address:
Religion in world constitutions
W. Cole Durham Jr.,International Center for Law and Religion Studies and Susa Young Gates Professor of Law at Brigham Young University

Friday, September  9, 2011
Equals before the law?

Javier Martinez Torrón, Universidad Complutense, Madrid

Simultaneous workshops

The status of religious, ethnic and cultural minorities: constitutional profiles
Chair: Juan Navarro Floria, Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina, Buenos Aires

Constitutional protection of religious and cultural rights of minorities in sub-Saharan Africa
Kofi Quashigah, University of Ghana, Accra
Religious Accommodation in Canada: The Illusion of Proportionality
Richard J. Moon, University of Windsor

Religion and equal treatment in the Latin American constitutions
Chair: Paulo Tort, Director of Religious Affairs, Home Office, Mexico

The consideration of religion and religions in the Latin American constitutional framework
Carmen Asiain, Universidad de Montevideo
Title to be defined
Manuel A Nuñez, Universidad Católica del Norte, Antofagasta

A case study: religion and constitution in China and Nepal
Chair: Norberto Padilla, Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina

Brett Scharffs, Brigham Young UNiversity, Provo
Kanak Bikram Thapa, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

Law and Religion Journals: Starting a Dialogue
Chair: Mark Hill, Ecclesiastical Law Journal

Sophie van Bijsterveld, Religion, Law and Public Policy; Blandine Chélini Pont, Annuaire Droit et Religions; Pafael Palomino, Anuario de derecho eclesiástico del Estado; Cole W. Durham, Oxford Journal of Law and Religion; Marie A. Failinger, Journal of Law and Religion; Silvio Ferrari, Quaderni di diritto e politica ecclesiastica; Isidoro Martín, Derecho y Religión; Robert Smith, BYU Law Review; Jeroen Temperman, Religion & Human Rights.

Religion in constitutions
Chair: Maria Elena Pimstein, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago

God, religion and laïcité in the constitutions
Iván C. Ibán, Universidad Complutense, Madrid
Church and State relations in the constitutions
Gerhard Robbers, University of Trier
Religion and the sources of law: shari'a in constitutions
Gianluca Parolin, American University in Cairo
A case study: religion and basic laws in Israel
Natan Lerner, IDC Herzliya

Saturday, September  10, 2011
Constitutional guarantees of religious freedom
Chair: Silvio Ferrari, Università degli Studid di Milano

Constitutional protection and limits to religious freedom
Johan D. van der Vyver, Emory University, Atlanta
Constitutional reception of international law provisions on religious freedom
Jorge Precht, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago
A case study: religion and the unwritten constitution in the United Kingdom
Julian Rivers, University of Bristol

Religion and fundamental rights in the constitutions
Simultaneous workshops

Freedom of religion, freedom of conscience and right to life
Chair: Cesare Mirabelli, University Tor Vergata, Rome

The Right to Life. Judaic and Christian Approaches
Asher Maoz, University of Tel Aviv
Comparing Law’s Role in American and Western-European Conflicts over Abortion
Ofrit Liviatan, Harvard University, Cambridge

Freedom of religion, freedom of conscience and freedom of expression
Chair: Sophie van Bijsterveld, Tilburg University

Disapproval of Religion under the United States Constitution
Jay Wexler, Boston University
Defamation and religious convictions on courts
Alain Garay, University of Aix-Marseille III

Freedom of religion, freedom of conscience and education
Chair: Pieter Coertzen, Universiteit of Stellenbosch

Religion and Education in the Council of Europe: European Soft-Constitutionalization of Models on Religious Teaching
Rafael Palomino Lozano, Universdad Complutense, Madrid
Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Conscience and Education – A Nordic Example
Pamela Slotte, University of Helsinki, Finland

Concluding remarks
Ana Maria Celis, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago
Where: Santiago, Chile
When: 08/09/2011